Boiler Maintenance

Whether you are a landlord or just a home owner, when a boiler breaks down it often means days or even weeks of inconvenience followed by a hefty bill at the end. Factoring in the cost of parts, plumber call out fees and man-hours this is rarely less than a couple of hundred pounds. However, with a little bit of care and consideration some of the more common boiler problems can be avoided.

One of the most common causes of boiler breakdown is, for example, a failure of the thermocouple. A thermocouple is one part of the device that causes the boiler to cut out when the pilot light goes out.

ThermostatA more expensive problem that happens roughly biannually with most boilers in the UK is flue fan failure. The symptoms of a fan failure are usually that the boiler doesn’t start and that it sounds different than normal, the difference being that the fan noise that usually accompanies the boiler working is gone.

My Local Gasman offer boiler maintenance and servicing as well as gas safety test, this can prove great value for money especially if you are a landlord with multiple properties.All our engineer`s are gas safe certified using a non registered gas engineer could leave you in a legally precarious position not to mention the additional cost of calling out a plumber to repair a botched job.

Home Emergency Insurance

Home Emergency Insurance protects you financially from the vast majority of maintenance emergencies that can occur in your home, usually including boiler replacement and repairs as well as plumbing works. However, whilst the thought of taking care of all of these potential problems with just one monthly payment may have its appeal there are still a few pros and cons to be weighed up.

Firstly, as with every type of insurance, those offering coverage are keen to give you the impression that by paying the monthly fee all home emergencies are covered in full. This is, of course, not the case. Taking boiler maintenance as an example, most policies will cover some but not all boiler maintenance emergencies and may not even cover all of the more common ones. Moreover, there may be a cap on call outs or the cost of replacement parts. Even in those cases in which home emergency insurance might represent good value for money each policy will need to be weighed up individually according to its own terms.

My Local Gas Man emergency boiler insurance offers some of the most comprehensive cover at some of the lowest rates, but we offer a friendly service and will be happy to answer any question that you may have, please call 01782 654950.

Landlord Boiler Insurance | Get A Quote

Whilst getting your annual gas safety inspection is a legal requirement insurance coverage for your boiler is an optional extra that chosen by many landlords but by no means a legal necessity. However, the relevant legal obligation is to ensure that the house is adequately heated. If a gas boiler blows then this means replacing it as quickly as possible and if your cash flow situation is not good at the time of the replacement this could mean an expensive credit card loan. When you factor in the cost of a plumber, especially if you are in an urban area of the country where plumbers can often charge exorbitant rates, this could be an appreciable amount of money.

In houses with more than one boiler, or for landlords with more than one property, there is an additional possibility to worry about. If, by chance, more than one of your boilers is taken out of action at once then you might be asked to fork out an astronomical amount of money very quickly.

The downside is obvious: one more monthly outgoing reducing the regular profit rolling in from your lease. But, if you are an absentee landlord or a landlord who is not full time then you may need to have the security of knowing that you will not have to spend hours searching for a plumber if something went wrong, but would have one provided by guarantee.

If your boiler is more than ten years old then it is probably the perfect age for purchasing boiler insurance – after fifteen years old fewer policies will cover it. Over twelve years and it is likely to be very much worth your while.

When purchasing boiler cover, however, there are a few important things to bear in mind. Some of the biggest name brands suffered PR damage a few years ago after they were found to be providing substandard service. Other, cheaper, policies will attempt to do things such as imposing a cap on plumber call-outs and covering only part of the labour or some of the cost of parts for a repair. You may also want to bear in mind the call out time for plumbers may differ and that there may be an excess payable towards the charge of any plumber call out.

Here at My Local Gasman we offer affordable boiler cover for landlords giving you peace of mind for your property portfolio, whether it is one house or several.

Most of all, however, you should bear in mind the benefits of shopping around. Too often insurance is purchased as an afterthought along with some other service and as a result landlords fail to realise that there are better deals on the market. For instance, purchasing insurance with your boiler can often but may not always mean that you get a better quote on balance than purchasing it from your gas provider. Bearing this in mind, if you purchase a reasonable level of coverage at the right point in your boiler’s lifetime most of the quotes on the market are going to save you a lot of money and, more importantly, prevent some serious cash-flow problems over the course of your career as a landlord.

Of all the varying types of maintenance insurance schemes available to landlords, boiler breakdown cover is perhaps the one that provides the best value for money. Even relatively new boilers can break down with often astronomical cost of repair, largely a result of the high rates charged by certified gas engineers, it is not implausible that you could end up in the red as a result of boiler breakdown.

Boiler breakdown cover will often allow you to save money overall by making use of the economies of scale that the insurance companies provide. And, at the very least, you will avoid the cash flow nightmare of having to pay out hundreds of pounds unexpectedly in one month, instead paying a small monthly premium over the course of a year.

There are two types of coverage that are widely available. The cheapest option is to insure the boiler itself and the controls which operate it so that if there is any problem with the boiler itself an engineer should (in theory) be quickly dispatched to restore heating to your property.

If, however, there is a problem with the central heating system more generally then this may not be covered by the most basic type of policy. In order to protect yourself against any and all problems with your central heating you would need to purchase full central heating cover. This, whilst more expensive, ensures coverage of every aspect of your central heating system, plus annual inspections and servicing. If you are a landlord it is perhaps worth bearing in mind that yearly inspections are a legal obligation for you anyway, making central heating insurance even more likely to save you money and time.

Before purchasing it is important to check whether you are already covered under the terms of your home insurance. Many home insurance policies cover boiler maintenance and some home owners find out too late that they have double-insured themselves. Equally, if you are already purchasing coverage in this form or any other form then it may be time to check the price you are getting against the rest of the market. Energy suppliers frequently attempt to sell boiler breakdown cover alongside their other services and yet these policies usually compare poorly with those that you might find by shopping around online.

Another popular option is to cover your boiler through home emergency insurance. Sometimes it is possible to receive cheaper coverage this way and prepare for a wider range of eventualities. On the other hand, home emergency insurance covers a greater number of aspects of your home with a lower level of coverage, meaning you may be expected to pay a larger part of your boiler repair bill than if you’d purchased specialised boiler coverage. Moreover, many people are lured in by cheap introductory deals only to find that their premiums rise by an unreasonable amount after the first year. Bearing in mind the pros and cons of each type of coverage whilst checking all prices against the market norms using price comparison rates can stand to save you hundreds of pounds. More importantly, choosing a good deal means you can be confident that you will never be without heating for too long, or have to pay too much to get it fixed.

My Local Gas Man offer low cost affordable boiler cover with deals that remain low for years not just at the begining of the boiler insurance contract, contact us and see what specialised cover you can receive for your portfolio of properties.

Boiler Insurance / BoilerCare Packages – Emergency Cover, Birmingham

Before looking at boiler cover, you should be aware of the circumstances in which you need to pay for a plan. If you rent your accommodation, you won’t have to pay for boiler cover; the responsibility falls to the house owner or landlord, not the tenants. If you do own your own home you are more likely to need boiler cover, but do check whether or not your existing home insurance plan also covers your boiler.

If you have come to the conclusion that you do need boiler cover, you may have more options than you were initially led to believe. The main thing to remember is that you do not have to take cover from your utilities provider. Even if you buy both gas and electricity from one provider, you are not obligated to take out boiler insurance with them as well – any attempts to try and connect the two for your supplier is just a sales tactic.
Boiler Servicing Stoke On Trent
With this in mind, you actually have quite a lot of choice. However, with all that choice comes the need to make a decision! What makes one policy better than another?

The basic features with any boiler cover plan you should expect are a 24/7 emergency phone number and an annual boiler safety check by a fully qualified engineer. Other than that, the features you want to look out for are the number of allowed callouts and the maximum claim allowed. While some companies do offer unlimited callouts with their boiler cover, there are others that don’t – as well as that, you don’t want to pay a premium every month only to find out when your boiler actually does break down, you have even more to pay. Don’t let yourself get stung by these hidden costs – make sure you read the terms of any boiler insurance plan you’re interested in before you sign up!

Local Gas Engineer`s Covering Birmingham

My Local Gas Man is a nationwide network of gas engineer`s who offer a personal service often lacking from some of the bigger brand boiler insurance providers, My Local Gasman have over 20 years experience giving peace of mind for home owners throughout the UK including Birmingham. If you are in need of emergency boiler repair, please call us 01782 654950 and we can arrange a visit by one of our gas safe certified boiler engineer`s

When is it best to get boiler cover?

The older your boiler, the more likely it is that boiler insurance will be useful to you. If your boiler has a history of breaking down then it will save you a lot of money in the long run, as well as granting you peace of mind.

What will affect my premium?

Boiler cover is simpler than many other kinds of insurance and there are less factors to take into consideration when working out your premium. The main factors that should dictate the price of your quote are your boiler’s model and age.

My Boiler is old. Can I get boiler cover?

Most of the time the answer is yes, but be sure to check beforehand. Sometimes you will be required to upgrade your boiler system before you can be covered, which can be costly. In addition if your boiler is more than seven years old, the insurer may not be able to guarantee a boiler replacement in the event of a breakdown.

How soon after starting a new plan can I make a claim?

In order to stop people from signing up for a boiler cover plan as soon as their boiler breaks down, there is typically a no claims period of 30 days.

Boiler Care – London

Taking out boiler care is an easy way to gain peace of mind so that you won’t have to be concerned about costly repairs if your boiler breaks down. In the event of a breakdown, without boiler cover, not only would you have to worry about expense, but also the time it would take for an engineer to come and fix your boiler. If a breakdown happens during the cold winter months this could be annoying to say the least! The cold can be far worse if you have very young children or elderly people in the home. At best, you could be in for an unpleasant wait for an engineer to restore heat and hot water to your home. At worst, your central heating could be leaking potentially fatal carbon monoxide gas, which naturally requires attention as soon as possible.

Gas boiler cover plans can vary, but it is relatively easy to find a reasonably priced plan that includes an emergency telephone number for you to call when something goes wrong. Many also include parts and labour which can be significant, which the average boiler breakdown can cost hundreds of pounds to repair or replace. Boiler care cover plans can vary, depending on the plan you opt for and your service provider. Boiler breakdown cover is especially useful when the warranty on your boiler has expired or is about to come to an end. However, if your boiler is very old you may receive regular suggestions to upgrade to a newer model. Sometimes your old boiler may not be serviced at all do to replacement parts being unavailable, so before investing in cover it is wise to check if your boiler is included.

For added protection, you can invest in central heating boiler cover to protect your radiators and central heating system as well. More comprehensive cover is obviously useful for a wider range of problems. In order to be sure of what your potential cover plan has to offer, always remember to read the fine print before making a commitment. The terms of different policies can take you by surprise, for example some plans only allow for a limited number of callouts. Reading the full terms and conditions will ensure you know where you stand and are paying for the right insurance plan.

Boiler Insurance & Service Plans – London

My Local Gasman have a nationwide network of gas safe certified  boiler engineer`s providing regular servicing as well as emergency boiler repairs for London residents. Our affordable plans offer some of the most comprehensive boiler insurance available at an affordable low rate.

Boiler Care – Precautions

While caring for your boiler is definitely a good idea regardless of boiler insurance or boiler age, it is important not to push things too far. On the one hand, maintenance is important, especially if your boiler cover plan has a callout limit. On the other hand, without exercising appropriate caution more damage can be done than if you left well enough alone. Here are some simple precautions to make sure that when dealing with your boiler, you don’t create more problems than you solve.

To begin with, and this one is vital – do not try to repair your boiler yourself if you do not know what you’re doing! In all likelihood you will damage your boiler further. You probably won’t be covered for self imposed damage and could have to pay out for a botched self repair. On top of that, in some cases attempting a self repair is illegal. Certain operations, such as changing the pressure on certain boilers, or draining extra fluid on condensing boilers, are part of regular maintenance and are doable as long as you are careful. However it is not worth wading in carelessly to find out you are way in over your head. You could stand to lose far more than time spent waiting for a qualified engineer.

Secondly, if you do attempt a simple maintenance procedure, please ensure that you check the boiler’s manual first! Checking documentation should be the first thing you do before doing anything with your boiler you haven’t done before, including using it for the first time. While an easy step and an obvious thing to mention, it is surprising how many do not do this and how often it can save an embarrassing engineer callout.

In addition, and similarly to the first point, if there is an electrical emergency that affects your boiler, use common sense and leave everything alone. Rather than trying to fix anything yourself and risk severe boiler failure or injury, contact the professionals. However in this case contact your electricity provider rather than your boiler cover provider.

If you smell gas, something can be seriously wrong and the issue needs to be resolved immediately. You need to make sure you’re calling the right people though – instead of your boiler insurance provider, contact the gas company. Leave the house as soon as you can, and open as many doors and windows as you are able!

Regarding who to call, to sum up:

For Boiler problems, call your boiler insurance provider.
For Electrical emergencies, call your electricity provider.
For Gas emergencies (e.g. if you smell gas), call your gas provider.

Compare Boiler Cover and Central Heating Insurance

When looking to purchase boiler cover it is almost important to compare the different types and providers of coverage available before making up your mind. With the wide range of deals offering different levels of coverage available you wouldn’t want to risk paying over the odds for a policy that does not meet your specific needs. Taking the extra time to do you research online can therefore stand to save many consumers hundreds of points.

Here at My Local Gas Man we are confident that our boiler insurance and central heating system cover is amongst the best in the market on both price and the level of cover that we offer.

Many others purchase boiler coverage along with their gas provision. Yet, in the price comparison stakes the boiler coverage provided by energy suppliers generally comes up lacking, with the coverage offered by the manufacturer of the boiler of itself often representing better value for money. This is, however, only a rule of thumb and should not be taken for granted. The best way to check up on your energy provider’s coverage in comparison to the other policies on the market is to use the many price comparison websites that exist online. All you have to do is input your details into a simple online form, including the level of coverage that you want to purchase, and it will rank many of the largest providers in order of price.

The other popular option is to purchase boiler coverage through home emergency insurance. It has the potential to be either cheaper or more expensive depending on which policy you choose, and so it is advisable to choose carefully and after paying attention to the full range of offers that are available. However, you will rarely receive the same level of coverage with a home insurance policy as with standalone boiler coverage. The amount of money you will be permitted to claim for is far lower and the rate at which your premiums will increase once you have made a claim is likely to be far higher. The upside, however, is that the range of things covered by the policy may be greater and could include things as peripheral as overnight accommodation.

Many people will use comparison sites to find a boiler insurance policy, but it is important to remember not all insurance providers are listed, and the ones that are listed pay to be in the comparison lists. As ever, shopping around online is likely to be how you’ll find the best deals, so don;t take my word for anything. Read the terms and conditions, compare prices, and choose the best coverage for you.

One thing many people do not know, for instance, is that many types of content insurance include boiler coverage as standard. This may be cheaper but in many instances will not offer the same level of cover as a specialised boiler insurance policy.

Is it Time for a Replacement Boiler?

Replacement BoilerOne piece of equipment that most households rely in is their boiler, as this has an effect on the heating and hot water in the home which in turn impacts upon practicality and quality of life when at home. When you experience problems with your boiler it can cause a lot of stress and inconvenience for everyone in the household, particularly during the colder months when people are most reliant on being able to get hot water and heating at home.

Unfortunately, problems can and do occur with boilers particularly older ones that tend to become inefficient and ineffective over time. This is why it is so important for those with an old or worn boiler to look at replacing it as soon as possible. Investing in a replacement boiler for your home can benefit you in many ways – not just in terms of knowing that you will have no problems accessing heating and hot water at home but also a range of additional benefits as well.

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Benefits Of Smart Thermostats For Your Home

Nest ThermostatWith advances in technology, everything is becoming more interconnected. There are applications for smartphones that allow you to connect with various appliances and gadgets. This now includes your thermostat.

The Nest Thermostat and other smart heating solutions such as Hive, now allow you to control your boiler using your smartphone, tablet, or via the web. If you are on the fence about using one of these apps, then discover the benefits of smart thermostats for your home.

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Top Tips For Saving Money On Your Energy Bills This Winter

Save Money HeatingIt seems that the ‘Big Six Energy Companies’ raise their prices year on year, and the UK consumer feels the pinch more when the winter rolls around.

Every year we read about more and more people who are worried about their energy bills rising, all the while the prominent energy companies see their profits increase.

If you don’t fancy being one of those people who open their bill with baited breath then our top five tips for saving money on your energy bill this winter is exactly what you need!

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Vacancy for Gas Service Engineers

Due to an increased demand for our services, we are seeking to employ a polite, friendly hard working fully qualified Heating Service Engineer. You will be carrying out Domestic Heating Repairs, Diagnostics and Servicing in residential premises throughout Staffordshire, Cheshire and Shropshire.
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