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Is it Time for a Replacement Boiler?

Replacement BoilerOne piece of equipment that most households rely in is their boiler, as this has an effect on the heating and hot water in the home which in turn impacts upon practicality and quality of life when at home. When you experience problems with your boiler it can cause a lot of stress and inconvenience for everyone in the household, particularly during the colder months when people are most reliant on being able to get hot water and heating at home.

Unfortunately, problems can and do occur with boilers particularly older ones that tend to become inefficient and ineffective over time. This is why it is so important for those with an old or worn boiler to look at replacing it as soon as possible. Investing in a replacement boiler for your home can benefit you in many ways – not just in terms of knowing that you will have no problems accessing heating and hot water at home but also a range of additional benefits as well.

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Benefits Of Smart Thermostats For Your Home

Nest ThermostatWith advances in technology, everything is becoming more interconnected. There are applications for smartphones that allow you to connect with various appliances and gadgets. This now includes your thermostat.

The Nest Thermostat and other smart heating solutions such as Hive, now allow you to control your boiler using your smartphone, tablet, or via the web. If you are on the fence about using one of these apps, then discover the benefits of smart thermostats for your home.

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Top Tips For Saving Money On Your Energy Bills This Winter

Save Money HeatingIt seems that the ‘Big Six Energy Companies’ raise their prices year on year, and the UK consumer feels the pinch more when the winter rolls around.

Every year we read about more and more people who are worried about their energy bills rising, all the while the prominent energy companies see their profits increase.

If you don’t fancy being one of those people who open their bill with baited breath then our top five tips for saving money on your energy bill this winter is exactly what you need!

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Vacancy for Gas Service Engineers

Due to an increased demand for our services, we are seeking to employ a polite, friendly hard working fully qualified Heating Service Engineer. You will be carrying out Domestic Heating Repairs, Diagnostics and Servicing in residential premises throughout Staffordshire, Cheshire and Shropshire.
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