Boiler Insurance / BoilerCare Packages – Emergency Cover, Birmingham

Before looking at boiler cover, you should be aware of the circumstances in which you need to pay for a plan. If you rent your accommodation, you won’t have to pay for boiler cover; the responsibility falls to the house owner or landlord, not the tenants. If you do own your own home you are more likely to need boiler cover, but do check whether or not your existing home insurance plan also covers your boiler.

If you have come to the conclusion that you do need boiler cover, you may have more options than you were initially led to believe. The main thing to remember is that you do not have to take cover from your utilities provider. Even if you buy both gas and electricity from one provider, you are not obligated to take out boiler insurance with them as well – any attempts to try and connect the two for your supplier is just a sales tactic.
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With this in mind, you actually have quite a lot of choice. However, with all that choice comes the need to make a decision! What makes one policy better than another?

The basic features with any boiler cover plan you should expect are a 24/7 emergency phone number and an annual boiler safety check by a fully qualified engineer. Other than that, the features you want to look out for are the number of allowed callouts and the maximum claim allowed. While some companies do offer unlimited callouts with their boiler cover, there are others that don’t – as well as that, you don’t want to pay a premium every month only to find out when your boiler actually does break down, you have even more to pay. Don’t let yourself get stung by these hidden costs – make sure you read the terms of any boiler insurance plan you’re interested in before you sign up!

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My Local Gas Man is a nationwide network of gas engineer`s who offer a personal service often lacking from some of the bigger brand boiler insurance providers, My Local Gasman have over 20 years experience giving peace of mind for home owners throughout the UK including Birmingham. If you are in need of emergency boiler repair, please call us 01782 654950 and we can arrange a visit by one of our gas safe certified boiler engineer`s

When is it best to get boiler cover?

The older your boiler, the more likely it is that boiler insurance will be useful to you. If your boiler has a history of breaking down then it will save you a lot of money in the long run, as well as granting you peace of mind.

What will affect my premium?

Boiler cover is simpler than many other kinds of insurance and there are less factors to take into consideration when working out your premium. The main factors that should dictate the price of your quote are your boiler’s model and age.

My Boiler is old. Can I get boiler cover?

Most of the time the answer is yes, but be sure to check beforehand. Sometimes you will be required to upgrade your boiler system before you can be covered, which can be costly. In addition if your boiler is more than seven years old, the insurer may not be able to guarantee a boiler replacement in the event of a breakdown.

How soon after starting a new plan can I make a claim?

In order to stop people from signing up for a boiler cover plan as soon as their boiler breaks down, there is typically a no claims period of 30 days.