Boiler Care – London

Taking out boiler care is an easy way to gain peace of mind so that you won’t have to be concerned about costly repairs if your boiler breaks down. In the event of a breakdown, without boiler cover, not only would you have to worry about expense, but also the time it would take for an engineer to come and fix your boiler. If a breakdown happens during the cold winter months this could be annoying to say the least! The cold can be far worse if you have very young children or elderly people in the home. At best, you could be in for an unpleasant wait for an engineer to restore heat and hot water to your home. At worst, your central heating could be leaking potentially fatal carbon monoxide gas, which naturally requires attention as soon as possible.

Gas boiler cover plans can vary, but it is relatively easy to find a reasonably priced plan that includes an emergency telephone number for you to call when something goes wrong. Many also include parts and labour which can be significant, which the average boiler breakdown can cost hundreds of pounds to repair or replace. Boiler care cover plans can vary, depending on the plan you opt for and your service provider. Boiler breakdown cover is especially useful when the warranty on your boiler has expired or is about to come to an end. However, if your boiler is very old you may receive regular suggestions to upgrade to a newer model. Sometimes your old boiler may not be serviced at all do to replacement parts being unavailable, so before investing in cover it is wise to check if your boiler is included.

For added protection, you can invest in central heating boiler cover to protect your radiators and central heating system as well. More comprehensive cover is obviously useful for a wider range of problems. In order to be sure of what your potential cover plan has to offer, always remember to read the fine print before making a commitment. The terms of different policies can take you by surprise, for example some plans only allow for a limited number of callouts. Reading the full terms and conditions will ensure you know where you stand and are paying for the right insurance plan.

Boiler Insurance & Service Plans – London

My Local Gasman have a nationwide network of gas safe certified  boiler engineer`s providing regular servicing as well as emergency boiler repairs for London residents. Our affordable plans offer some of the most comprehensive boiler insurance available at an affordable low rate.

Boiler Care – Precautions

While caring for your boiler is definitely a good idea regardless of boiler insurance or boiler age, it is important not to push things too far. On the one hand, maintenance is important, especially if your boiler cover plan has a callout limit. On the other hand, without exercising appropriate caution more damage can be done than if you left well enough alone. Here are some simple precautions to make sure that when dealing with your boiler, you don’t create more problems than you solve.

To begin with, and this one is vital – do not try to repair your boiler yourself if you do not know what you’re doing! In all likelihood you will damage your boiler further. You probably won’t be covered for self imposed damage and could have to pay out for a botched self repair. On top of that, in some cases attempting a self repair is illegal. Certain operations, such as changing the pressure on certain boilers, or draining extra fluid on condensing boilers, are part of regular maintenance and are doable as long as you are careful. However it is not worth wading in carelessly to find out you are way in over your head. You could stand to lose far more than time spent waiting for a qualified engineer.

Secondly, if you do attempt a simple maintenance procedure, please ensure that you check the boiler’s manual first! Checking documentation should be the first thing you do before doing anything with your boiler you haven’t done before, including using it for the first time. While an easy step and an obvious thing to mention, it is surprising how many do not do this and how often it can save an embarrassing engineer callout.

In addition, and similarly to the first point, if there is an electrical emergency that affects your boiler, use common sense and leave everything alone. Rather than trying to fix anything yourself and risk severe boiler failure or injury, contact the professionals. However in this case contact your electricity provider rather than your boiler cover provider.

If you smell gas, something can be seriously wrong and the issue needs to be resolved immediately. You need to make sure you’re calling the right people though – instead of your boiler insurance provider, contact the gas company. Leave the house as soon as you can, and open as many doors and windows as you are able!

Regarding who to call, to sum up:

For Boiler problems, call your boiler insurance provider.
For Electrical emergencies, call your electricity provider.
For Gas emergencies (e.g. if you smell gas), call your gas provider.